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Block printing

Updated: May 19, 2023

Stamping! Stamping! That’s block printing in a gist.

Block printing is traditional, colourful and sophisticated handicraft technique and art practised in Rajasthan for centuries. This technique was introduced to the Jaipur region by the Chipa community, located in the village of Bagru, an area famous for vegetable dyes and mud resist block prints.

This traditional art form has been passed down for generations within families and communities. A print starts with the design, drawn on paper and carved onto the wooden blocks by hand. The physical block is the design for a single repeat, which is then stamped in rows across the fabric. Each element of the invention is carved into a separate block. Block carving in itself is a precise art requiring years of practice.

Each colour pattern is stamped individually onto the fabric; the process takes time and skill, as the design must be stamped repeatedly across the material, colour by colour. The slight gaps and overlaps are a beautiful reminder of the handwork and give block printing its iconic look

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